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Registration for the 2016-2017 school year has begun!

We are now offering Full, half and extended day preschool classes!

Call today to schedule a tour during one of our Open House sessions.

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Schedules and Fees

Little Lights Christian Preschool is a non-profit organization. We strive to provide the children of the families in our community a quality, well rounded education at a fair and reasonable price.

Our class schedules and fees for the 2015-2016 school year are as follows;


Learn & Play Nursery (Two Year Olds)  

Meet on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s for two hours or four hours

2 hour session 9:30 to 11:30 monthly fee $175.00

4 hour session 9:30 to 1:30 monthly fee $255.00



Preschool Classes (Three Year Olds)

Our three year old program offers many options to fit your family's schedule.  Preschool classes meet for either two and a half hour sessions, four hour sessions, or five and a half hour sessions. Morning sessions run from 9:30 to 12:00 or 9:30 to 1:30 afternoon sessions run from 11:00 to 3:00 or 12:30 to 3:00.  Our full day three year old program runs from  9:30 to 3:00. Three year olds can attend two or three days a week.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday  2 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $225.00

                                              4 hour sessions monthly fee $330.00

                                               5 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $470.00

Tuesday/Thursday                 2 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $195.00

                                               4 hour sessions monthly fee $255.00

                                               5 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $325.00

Pre-Kindergarten Classes (Four Year Olds)

  Our Pre-Kindergarten program offers many options from which to choose from while preparing your child for Kindergarten.  Your child can attend our program in 2 1/2 hour, 4 hour, or 5 1/2 hour sessions. Four year olds can attend three or five days a week.

2 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $225.00 

                                             4 hour sessions monthly fee $330.00

                                             5 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $435.00

Monday-Friday                      2 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $295.00

                                             4 hour sessions monthly fee $470.00

                                              5 1/2 hour sessions monthly fee $575.00 



Learn & Play Toddler Program

Our two year old program provides the opportunity for our students to grow both socially and emotionally in a warm and caring environment. Our smaller class size of ten students allows the teacher ...


Preschool Program


Our three year old program is a socially interactive curriculum that utilizes a project approach to introduce our students to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, as well as many themed units.


Pre-Kindergarten Program


Little Lights Christian Preschool’s pre-kindergarten program offers a balanced approach to early elementary school skills. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is recommended by many local ...


Mommy & Me

(Daddies, Grandparents & Caregivers Welcome too!) A fun- filled 60 minute program that enables you and your child to experience a preschool setting together.






Summer Camp

Welcome to Little Lights Christian Preschool Summer Camp Program. This program, which is available only to preschool aged children, is a great way to keep your child actively ...


Thank you for choosing to enroll your child in our Enrichment with Lunch program. Throughout this program your child will not only be learning the subject matter that you have chosen for them, but will also become fluent in the many other social and independence skills necessary for a smooth transition into kindergarten.