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Registration for the 2018-2019 school year has begun!

We are now offering Full, Half and Extended day preschool classes as well as before school and after school care!

Call today to schedule a tour during one of our Open House sessions.

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BUILDING SECURITY: Because your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us our preschool utilizes a locked door policy. All entrances to our preschool wing are kept locked at all times when school is in session. All of our entrance/exits and hallways are monitored by closed circuit severance cameras. Our two main offices which are outside of our preschool hallway are available to visitors and parents at anytime. Visitors are greeted by a staff member, sign in at the main office, and are escorted to their destination. Parents are always welcome to visit the school.

HALLWAY SAFETY: Children are never permitted to walk around the building without supervision.

STAFFING: All staff members are carefully selected and go through an extensive screening process. All staff members are required to be cleared by a New York State background check prior to employment.

STAFF TRAINING: Each member of our staff is trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR and are updated on a yearly basis.

OFFICE STAFF: Our office staff is available to handle any inquiries you may have from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday - Friday.

PLAYGROUND: Special attention has been given to the proper design and maintenance of our playground and playground equipment. Our playground provides areas for climbing, sliding, riding, exploring and pretending. For safety, all above ground apparatus have a gravel base underneath, which is covered with artificial turf. Each class has an assigned time in which to use the playground each day. Children are always accompanied by their teachers while enjoying the freedom of outdoor play.

INDOOR PLAYROOM: Our Fellowship Hall is set-up as an indoor playground during inclement weather, with climbing equipment, slides, hopscotch etc. All equipment is age-appropriate and low to the ground

FENCING: Our Playground area is completely fenced in with safety latches which are out of the children's reach.

FIELD TRIPS: Parents provide transportation to and from class trips, either individually or by car pools. All parents/ chaperones are to adhere to the current New York State Car Seat Safety laws when transporting students to/from a school event.

DISMISSAL: Children are dismissed one at a time to their parents by their classroom teacher. Parents are asked to fill out a form listing the names of relatives or friends that are allowed to pick up their child. Children will only be released to those people listed by the parent. Individuals on the parent appointed list will be asked to produce a valid picture identification upon signing out the student.


Learn & Play Toddler Program

Our two year old program provides the opportunity for our students to grow both socially and emotionally in a warm and caring environment. Our smaller class size of ten students allows the teacher ...


Preschool Program


Our three year old program is a socially interactive curriculum that utilizes a project approach to introduce our students to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, as well as many themed units.


Pre-Kindergarten Program


Little Lights Christian Preschool’s pre-kindergarten program offers a balanced approach to early elementary school skills. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is recommended by many local ...


Mommy & Me

(Daddies, Grandparents & Caregivers Welcome too!) A fun- filled 60 minute program that enables you and your child to experience a preschool setting together.






Summer Camp

Welcome to Little Lights Christian Preschool Summer Camp Program. This program, which is available only to preschool aged children, is a great way to keep your child actively ...


Thank you for choosing to enroll your child in our Enrichment with Lunch program. Throughout this program your child will not only be learning the subject matter that you have chosen for them, but will also become fluent in the many other social and independence skills necessary for a smooth transition into kindergarten.